Premises Licence

Apply for a minor variation to a premises licence

A minor variation is a small change to a current premises licence, which could not adversely impact any of the four licensing objectives, as set out on our premises operating conditions.

For example:

  • Small changes to the structure or layout of a premises
  • Small changes to licensing hours, but not extensions
  • The removal or amendment of out of date, irrelevant or unenforceable conditions
  • The addition of a volunteered condition

A minor variation is not:

To add the sale by retail of alcohol or the supply of alcohol to a premises licence, or to extend these hours, you need to apply for a full variation to a premises licence. This process is very similar to the application process for a new licence.

You can also apply to change the name or address of the premises licence holder.

  1. Apply for a minor variation

    You, or your agent, must:

    • Complete our application form
    • Submit a revised floor plan (if there are any changes to the premises layout)
    • Submit your premises licence and summary or a statement saying why it is not included
    • Make the payment for the application

    Applications for a minor variation to a premises licence must be submitted online or, in exceptional circumstances, sent by post along with the fee of £89.

  2. What happens next?

    We will review your application and will contact you if we need any extra information.

    If no more information is needed from you, then a copy of the application may be sent to appropriate relevant authorities for consultation.

    In the meantime, you must display the application notice at the premises on white paper. The notice needs to be visible from the outside of the premises the following working day from when the application is submitted. It needs to remain visible for 10 working days. If the extent of your premises is larger than 50 metres square, a further notice needs to be displayed every 50 metres along the external perimeter of the premises abutting any highway.

    Visit the government website for more information about minor variations to a premises licences.

  3. Will tacit consent apply?

    Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion date. This date is 20 working days after we have received your valid application.

  4. Review of a licence

    An 'Other' party or responsible authority can ask to review a premises licence. If this is requested, we will hold a hearing.

    In certain situations, the chief police officer can request from us a summary review of a licence. For example, if a premises is licensed to sell alcohol by retail and a senior officer has given a certificate that they believe that the premises is associated with either serious crime or disorder.

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