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Premises Licence

Apply for a notification of interest

If you have a legal interest in a premises, you can apply to be notified about any licensing matters affecting the property.

You are considered as having an interest if you:

  • hold a legal interest as a freeholder or leaseholder
  • are the legal mortgage holder of the premises
  • live at or occupy the premises

This is detailed in The Licensing Act 2003 (Summary Review of Premises Licences) Regulations 2007.

Apply for a notification of interest.

The application has a fee of £21.

The notice will be in place for 12 months, but a new notice can be applied for every year. 

Tacit consent applies for this application. If you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion date (10 days after the receipt of your application) then you can act as if your application has been granted.

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