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Premises Licence

Apply for a premises licence

A premises licence is required for a venue to provide activities such as:

  • Sale of alcohol (Authorisation under the Licensing Act 2003 is needed for any sale of alcohol)
  • Late night refreshment (Supplying hot foot or hot drink for consumption on or off the premises between 11pm and 5am)
  • Regulated entertainment (Entertainment includes performance of plays, exhibition of films, indoor sporting events, boxing/ wrestling, live music, recorded music and performance of dance)

A premises licence is not needed if:

A premises licence has no expiration date (unless it is required to be time limited from the outset) but an annual fee will need to be paid to prevent the licence from being suspended.

A premises licence will lapse if the licence holder:

  • dies
  • lacks capacity within the meaning of the mental capacity act 2005
  • becomes insolvent
  • is dissolved, for example where the holder is not an individual

For information on what to do when a licence lapses, view our interim authority page.

View our list of fees.

The fee is not based on the number of licensable activities you need, it is based on the non-domestic rateable value of the premises, whether the premises are used exclusively or primarily for the consumption of alcohol and the number of persons present at any one time.

You can view our Statement of Licensing Policy here

Public Health has produced a tool named HaLO (which stands for Health as a Licensing Objective). Data produced by HaLO will support any representation Public Health may make against a licence application.  Applicants may wish to use this publicly available facility to assist them in making their application and addressing any matters within their operating schedule.

The link to the HaLO facility can be found here:

Health as a Licensing Objective - Somerset Intelligence - The home of information and insight on and for Somerset - Run by a partnership of public sector organisations  

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