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Premises Licence

Apply for an interim authority notice

If a premise licence has lapsed because the holder of the licence;

  • has died,
  • now lacks capacity to hold the licence,
  • becomes insolvent,

or if the premises;

  • is dissolved,
  • ceases to be a recognised club,

you can apply for a interim authority notice to reinstate the licence.

This is detailed in the Legislative Reform (Licensing) (Interim Authority Notices) Order 2010.

A notice allows time for the licence to be transferred to a new licence holder.

You must complete an application within 28 days of the lapse.

There is an application fee of £23.

Apply for an interim authority notice.

  1. Will tacit consent apply?

    Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion date. This date is 20 days after we, and the police, have received your valid application.

  2. Refused application redress

    In the first instance, contact us.

    If your application for a notice is refused, you can appeal.

    You need to send your appeal to:

    The Magistrates Court
    Petters Way
    BA20 1SW

    or call 01935 426281

    Appeals must be found within 21 days of receiving the decision.

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