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Premises Licence

Transfer of premises licence

If you sell or lease a licensed premises, you need to transfer the premises licence to the new owner or surrender it.

How do I transfer a premises licence?

The proposed premises licence holder must:

  • Complete the application form below.
  • Submit the current premises holder consent form below or a statement to say why it is not included (we will contact you if this is the case to discuss the steps that you need to take before the licence can be transferred)
  • Submit proof of right to work in the UK (if individual(s) or partnership)
  • Submit the original premises licence and summary, written undertaking to destroy them or a statement to say why they are not included
  • Make the payment for the application

Visit the Government website for guidance and forms for applying for a premises licence to sell alcohol, late night hot food and drink or provide public entertainment.

The new owner of a premises or business, or their agent, can apply for the transfer.

Transfer a premises licence application form  

Consent to transfer form

A fee of £23 will need to be submitted along with the application. 

You can email your application and plan(s) to If you submit your application via email the payment can be made over the phone. You will receive a call take the payment when the application is accepted. 

  1. What happens next?

    We will review your application and will contact you if we need any extra information.

    If no more information is needed from you, your application will be sent to the police and home office for consultation.

    If no relevant representations are made, and all of the required information has been received, we will grant your application.

    If a representation is made, and not withdrawn, a hearing will be held before members of the licensing sub-committee, unless all parties agree that this is unnecessary.

    We will serve you, the Chief Officer of Police and the Home Office (Immigration Enforcement) a notice of determination after a hearing.

    If you send your application by post, then you must also send a copy of the application to:

    Avon and Somerset Constabulary
    Liquor Licensing
    PO Box 3119
    BS1 2AA


    Home Office Immigration Enforcement 
    Alcohol Licensing Team
    4 Lunar House
    40 Wellesley Road
    CR9 2BY

  2. Will tacit consent apply?

    Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion date. This date is 20 days after we, and the police, have received your valid application.

    If you sent your application by post, tacit consent will only apply when you can show proof of delivery from the Post Office or courier.  We recommend that you get proof of delivery for the copy sent to the Chief of Police and the Home Office (Immigration Enforcement)

  3. Appealing a refused application

    If your application to transfer a licence is refused, you can appeal.

    Appeals need to be made to the Magistrates court within 21 days of the notice of the decision.

    The Magistrates Court
    Petters Way
    BA20 1SW

    Telephone: 01935 426281

  4. Review of a licence

    An 'Other' party or responsible authority can apply to review a premises licence.

    If this application is submitted, we will normally hold a hearing.

    In certain situations, the chief police officer can request from us a summary review of a licence. For example, if a premises is licensed to sell alcohol by retail and a senior officer has given a certificate that they believe that the premises is associated with either serious crime or disorder.

  5. Gaming machines

    If there is a notification of 2 or less gaming machines in place at the premises, it will lapse as soon as the premises licence has been transferred to you. Therefore, a new notification must be submitted by the new holder of the premises licence before the gaming machines(s) can be used at the premises.

    If there is a gaming machine permit for the premises, the new holder of the premises licence will need to make an application to transfer the permit to them before the gaming machines can be used at the premises.

    To notify us of 2 or less gaming machines or to apply for, vary or transfer a gaming machine permit, complete our application and notification form.

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