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Premises Licence

Transfer of premises licence

If you sell or lease a licensed premises, you need to transfer the premises licence to the new owner or surrender it.

How do I transfer a premises licence?

The proposed premises licence holder must:

  • Complete the application form below.
  • Submit the current premises holder consent form below or a statement to say why it is not included (we will contact you if this is the case to discuss the steps that you need to take before the licence can be transferred)
  • Submit proof of right to work in the UK (if individual(s) or partnership)
  • Submit the original premises licence and summary, written undertaking to destroy them or a statement to say why they are not included
  • Make the payment for the application

Visit the Government website for guidance and forms for applying for a premises licence to sell alcohol, late night hot food and drink or provide public entertainment.

The new owner of a premises or business, or their agent, can apply for the transfer.

Transfer a premises licence application form  

Consent to transfer form

A fee of £23 will need to be submitted along with the application. 

You can email your application and plan(s) to If you submit your application via email the payment can be made over the phone. You will receive a call take the payment when the application is accepted. 

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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