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Taxis and Private Hire Drivers/Vehicles

Apply for a new or renew a Hackney/Private hire driver licence

Are you considering applying for a Hackney carriage or private hire licence?

Please read this document to find out how to obtain all relevant qualifications 

You must:

  • be over 18 years old
  • hold a full UK or EU/EEA driving licence and have held it for 12 continuous months before the date of your application
  • have no unspent criminal convictions during the previous 10 years
  • have permission to work in the UK if you are not a British citizen or a citizen of an EEA country

You can view our policy for licensing of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Drivers online.

If you wish to use your own vehicle, you will also need to apply for a taxi vehicle licence.

  1. How much does a licence cost?

    The cost of a 1 year badge (first time applicants only) is £163.

    The cost of a 3 year badge (renewal applications) is £266.

  2. How long does a licence last?

    Licences last for one year initially, then will need to be renewed every three years after that.

    We will automatically send you a reminder before your licence is due to expire.

  3. How do I apply for a licence?

    You will need to:

    • book an appointment for a Knowledge Test, a payment link will be sent when the booking is confirmed. 
    • once knowledge test passed complete an application form 
    • provide a copy of your full UK or EU/EEA driving licence
    • provide a DSA pass certificate or SSDC equivalent
    • provide a Safeguarding Certificate 
    • provide a completed medical questionnaire
    • provide a Disability Awareness Course pass certificate
    • provide a certificate of good conduct
    • provide a passport-sized photograph
    • email the form and above supporting documents to where once accepted we will send you a payment link. 

  4. What happens next?

    After you have submitted your application, uploaded all the required information and made a payment, we will arrange for you to complete and pay for an online DBS application.

    If we grant your licence, we will send it to you along with a driver’s badge.

  5. Knowledge test

    To ensure potential drivers have a good working knowledge of the area and of the Highway Code, all new drivers will be required to pass a test of knowledge. This will include questions on:

    • The Highway Code
    • Hackney Carriage and Private Hire legislation
    • Basic numeracy
    • English comprehension
    • Routes and directions

    The pass mark is 75%, but there is also a requirement that 75% of the questions in each section are answered correctly. The test is made up of 52 multiple choice questions and you will have an hour to sit the test.

    The test costs £31 and can be booked online. If you do not pass first time, you will have to wait two weeks to sit the test again. If you fail on the second attempt, you will have to wait a further two weeks to re-sit, and if you fail a third time, you will have to wait six months before attempting the test again.

    For help with the knowledge test, you can visit these websites:

    The Highway Code

    Knowledge Test Example Questions

    Discover South Somerset

  6. Medical

    All new drivers will need a medical examination by reference to the extant Group II standards of medical fitness applied by the DVLA.

    The medical must be undertaken by your own GP or your GP's surgery.

    A new medical will need to be submitted on initial application and then every five years on renewal following your 45th birthday, and then each renewal following your 65th birthday.

  7. Disability awareness training

    Disability Awareness Training and Wheelchair Loading Assessment for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles.

    We will need you to submit a pass certificate from a recognised training provider to demonstrate that you have attended a suitable course. We also note that some wheelchair users may need driver assistance to safely enter, travel in and exit from a licensed vehicle.

    It is our policy to ensure that those who provide a wheelchair accessible driving service can demonstrate a sufficient level of competence in the (un)loading, security and safety of wheelchair users.

    For these reasons, we will normally require all first-time applicants, that want to provide a wheelchair accessible service, submit a suitable certificate of completion (form WTA10) or equivalent of an enhanced wheelchair (un)loading assessment.

    This will be specifically designed for Hackney Carriage and/or Private Hire vehicle drivers by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). A third party non-refundable fee may be payable for this service.

  8. Disability awareness training providers

    The organisations listed below can provide Disability Awareness Training:

    Access For All

    20 South Street,


    BA20 1QE

    Telephone: 01935 706766


    Anstey James Ltd

    Telephone: 07790 121 338



    Equo Disability Awareness Training (online course)


    The organisations listed below can provide Wheelchair Loading Assessments and Training:

    Anstey James Ltd

    Telephone: 07790 121 338




    Please note that third party fees will be payable for all the above assessments and training which must be met by the applicant.

  9. Driving Assessment Test

    • We have an made an arrangement with Mr Bryan Booth who is a qualified driving instructor. To book your test please contact Bryan Booth directly on 07970857027.
    • In order to pass the test you are not allowed any serious or dangerous faults, and you are only allowed to make a maximum of eight minor faults.
    • The test will last approximately 40 minutes and will be taken in the examiners own vehicle.
    • The test will start with an eye test and you will be required to read a number plate from 20.5 metres.
    • You will be asked to demonstrate your ability to do the following: A taxi turn chosen by you - i.e. a turn in the road, a reverse around a corner or a U-turn, An emergency stop, A pull away on a hill, A pull away on the flat, A pull away from behind a parked car, Two cabology questions, Three Highway Code questions and Four questions on identification of road signs and markings.
    • You will be expected to show good control of the vehicle and excellent observational skills throughout the test

  10. DBS renewal or new

    To renew your DBS or have your first one completed you will need to provide us with your up to date email address that you wish to use. 

    Email with the email address you wish to use, once we have this we then set you up on our third party companies website where you will complete an online form.

    You will then need to take selected verification documents to the Post Office for them to verify. 

  11. Change of Address

    If you are an existing driver you are required to notify us of any changes in address within one week.

    Please complete this form and email to 

  12. Lost or Damaged Driver Badge

    If you have lost or damaged your driver badge you need to report this to Licensing immediately and apply for a replacement, for which there is charge.  Contact Licensing for more details.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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