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Taxis and Private Hire Drivers/Vehicles

Apply for a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle licence

All taxis and private hire vehicles need a vehicle licence that allows the holder to work anywhere in the South Somerset District Council area.

The licence is valid for 12 months. We will remind you about renewing the licence a month before it expires.

Separate vehicle licences must be held by anyone who wants to use a vehicle as a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle. A licence must be held for each vehicle used.

Hackney carriage vehicle licence

A hackney carriage vehicle licence (white plate) allows you to:

  • work anywhere in the South Somerset area
  • undertake work that starts or ends outside South Somerset
  • work from the ranks or be hailed on the street
  • undertake private hire work

You can only use ranks in South Somerset.

Private hire vehicle licence

A private hire vehicle licence (yellow plate) allows you to:

  • work anywhere in South Somerset, taking pre-arranged bookings only
  • undertake pre-arranged bookings that start or end outside South Somerset

Private hire vehicles cannot:

  • work from the ranks
  • be hailed on the street

All private hire vehicles must also work under a 'Private Hire Operators licence'.

All licensed vehicles will be provided with an internal and external plate. In addition to this, all Private Hire Vehicles licensed by us will be given two side door panel licenses, clearly displaying their Private Hire Status.

A South Somerset District Council badged driver can only drive a South Somerset District Council plated vehicle.

You can view our policy for licensing of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles online

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