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Taxis and Private Hire Drivers/Vehicles

Renew a Hackney or Private Hire Vehicle licence

  1. How do I renew my licence?

    • To apply for a licence, you will need to:

      • complete our application form
      • Email the completed form and below supporting Documentation to 
        • Vehicle registration document
        • Bill of sale if the vehicle has been purchased recently and the change of registered keeper is being processed
        • EC certificate of conformity for purpose built wheelchair accessible vehicles
        • Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) for the fixings of wheelchair restraints for converted wheelchair accessible vehicles
        • Valid Motor Insurance
        • Valid Public liability insurance
        • Valid MOT
        • Additional wheelchair accessible certification (if wheelchair accessible)
        • Certificate of meter calibration (Hackney carriages only, at point of first application and where the meter rate has changed)
      • A member of the Licensing team will email you a link to make payment for the licence once submitted. 

    Please submit your completed application to this department in good time- a minimum of 10 working days before in order that we can arrange for a vehicle test to be carried out prior to the issue of the Licence.  If we are unable to book a vehicle test before the licence expiry date, the plate will have to be returned to this office until the vehicle test is passed.

    If you have a Hackney Carriage and the expiry date is on a Saturday or Sunday, you must be in possession of your new licence by the Friday before if you intend using your vehicle for Hackney Carriage purposes after the licence expiry date. 

  2. What happens if I no longer want my vehicle to be licensed?

    If you don’t want to renew your licence, you must tell us straight away and return the vehicle plate as soon as the licence has expired. You won't be allowed to use the vehicle for hire and reward.

Renew driver licence

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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