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Taxis and private hire vehicles

Renew a taxi or private hire vehicle driver licence

You can apply to renew your taxi driver’s licence for either 1 year or 3 years.

If your licence expires on a Saturday or Sunday, you must have your new vehicle licence by the Friday before you continue using the vehicle as a private hire or hackney carriage.

A list of fees can be found here


  1. How do I renew my licence?

    To renew your licence you will need to complete our application form, make the payment and upload the following documents:

    • Vehicle registration document
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Proof of public liability insurance
    • Current MOT certificate

    Make sure that you submit your application with enough time for us to arrange a vehicle test, before issuing the renewed licence.

    If we are unable to book a vehicle test before the licence expiry date, the plate will have to be returned to us until the test is passed.

  2. What happens if I no longer want my vehicle to be licensed?

    If you don’t want to renew your licence, you must tell us straight away and return the vehicle plate as soon as the licence has expired. You won't be allowed to use the vehicle for hire and reward.

Renew driver licence

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