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Apply for planning permission

Before submitting a formal application see our planning permission page to find out if you need to apply.

If you do need planning permission have you considered seeking pre-application advice? This is a service we offer to inform you whether the application you are proposing is likely to be successful.

One key factor in compiling your application is ensuring you submit the right information within the application. This includes the necessary forms, documents and plans. We call this Validation – our check to ensure the minimum standards are met for the application to be registered and allocated to an officer. If you do not submit the necessary information your application is unlikely to proceed or it could be refused.

This section outlines all you need to know about Validation – It is important you read this section before submitting an application.

  1. Validation- Getting it right first time

    Validation is the process of checking that all relevant documentation and fee (where applicable) has been provided. If an applicant/agent submits an application without the necessary documentation, or with clear inaccuracies, we will declare the application invalid (with no further action taken) until the required information is provided.

    SSDC has adopted a document setting out those validation requirements, known as the Validation Guide. It officially comes into force on 1st July 2020.

    Alongside the main document there is a supplementary document which is to be completed, the Checklist and Neighbour Consultation Form.

  2. Submitting your Application

    When ready to submit your application the easiest way to do so is online. 

    You will receive step by step guidance on the type of application you need, what areas to complete, what documents to include and how much it is going to cost. Our most common applications and their fees can be found on our frequently asked planning application fees list. All applications submitted through the Planning Portal, which require a planning fee to be paid, will incur a service charge of £16.67 (+ VAT). 

    Begin your application by clicking the 'Make a Planning Application' button below.

  3. Application Forms not available on the Planning Portal

    There are a couple of forms not available via the Planning Portal. These are available here:

    • Hedgerow Removal Notice form
    • Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligation form and help notes

    Applications for Listed Building Consent should also be made via the Planning Portal, there is no separate form. 

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