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Planning considerations for parking and highways

Somerset County Council, based in Taunton, is the highway authority for Somerset. 

The District Councils’ are the Planning Authorities for their respective areas relying on advice and guidance from the Highway Authority in reaching determinations on planning applications.

Somerset County Council as the highway authority has responsibility for all road maintenance including potholes, improvement works, road closures, signs and road markings, street-lighting and public transport. They also produce Somerset's transport and parking strategies.  

To assist further, SSDC has introduced helpful guidance to ensure applicants and agents submit the necessary information with regards to access, parking and turning matters. High numbers of applications are delayed because they do not contain the necessary information despite many agents having been asked to submit such information on previous applications. By highlighting and frontloading this information agents can quote for this work, preventing delays, cost for the client and embarrassment for the agent if it were otherwise requested during the application process.

For more information on these topics, visit Somerset County Council.

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