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Planning appeal process

If your planning application has been rejected, or approved with conditions that you aren’t happy with, contact our planning team first at

It may be that an amended application with some proposals changed will be accepted. In which case, in most situations, you will be able to resubmit your application for no additional cost.

  1. When can I appeal a planning decision?

    If you sought permission to carry out works to your property and your application was refused, granted with conditions that you disagree with or not decided within a set time, you usually have the right to appeal.

    The appeal process is available to applicants only. There is no right of appeal for interested people or organisations.

    Visit the planning portal for more information about grounds for appeal.

  2. How do I submit an appeal?

    Planning appeals are administered and undertaken by the Planning Inspectorate, which is independent of the Council.

    As well as different types of appeals, there are also different procedures for appeal:

    • Written representation
    • Informal hearing
    • Public inquiry

    For more information about the different appeal procedures, visit the planning portal.

    Start your appeal by clicking on the button below.

  3. Decision Notice Notes

    Decision Notices are available to view and download using the following appropriate page.

    You will need the Planning Application Number and/or the site address to perform this search.

    Find notes that accompany each of the Decision Notices issued. 

Appeal planning decision

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