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Listed buildings

Listed buildings are buildings of special architectural or historic interest that have been identified to be protected through legislation. 

Listing is the statutory process by which buildings are added to the list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest by Historic England (formerly English Heritage). Compiled under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, the list includes a great variety of structures, from cathedrals to telephone boxes. Listing gives statutory protection to historic buildings and requires their special interest to be taken into account before any changes are made to them that would affect their character.

There are over 4600 entries on the lists for South Somerset, covering an estimated 5000 buildings and structures. It is estimated that 3.5% of dwellings in South Somerset are listed, a relatively high number reflecting the richness of the district's heritage.

How we approach the conservation and alterations of historic buildings, the principles that guide best practice have evolved through many national and international guidelines and agreements. Reference to some of these may be useful, particularly the British Standard BS 7913; The Principles of the Conservation of Historic Buildings and the international ICOMOS charters.

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