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Change the access to my property

Dropped kerb / altered access planning permission

Planning permission is required if:

  • The access you would like to create or alter is on to an A, B or C classified road.
  • The property is a flat, maisonette, commercial or industrial premises and so does not benefit from permitted development rights for a new access.
  • The property is subject to a planning condition restricting or removing its permitted development rights of the construction of a new access.
  • The property is a listed building and you want to build or alter a gate, wall, fence or railing within the curtilage of the building or the surrounding property. If this is the case, an application for listed building consent will also be required.
  • It would create an obstruction to the view of people driving on the road.
  • The formation of the dropped kerb is not required in connection with other permitted development, such as paving your driveway.


  • Any ground level changes or erection of retaining walls within the site may need a separate engineering operation that requires its own planning permission.
  • If works to a tree with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or a tree within a Conservation Area is required, an application for tree works will also be needed.

If you don't think permission is required for a new access, but wish to have a formal determination, you can make an application for a Lawful Development Certificate.

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