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Trees and hedges

Protected trees

Many trees in the District are protected and you generally need our consent to carry out work on them.

You will need to complete a tree work application in order to carry out any work on a protected tree. 

We recommend that you get professional advice  from an arborist or tree surgeon before planning any works.

In very few circumstances, permission to carry out works is not needed. These include:

  • When trees are cut down in connection with a Forestry Commission Grant Scheme, or where the Forestry Commission has granted a Felling Licence
  • Cutting down or pruning a tree which presents an imminent and serious safety risk
  • Cutting down a dead tree
  • The cutting down or pruning of a tree that has already been approved by us by being included as part of a detailed planning permission
  • Cutting down or pruning a tree to prevent or control a legal nuisance
  • Cutting down or pruning a tree in line with a statutory obligation under an Act of Parliament
  • Removing dead branches from a living tree (whilst taking care not to cut into any live portions of the tree)

If you are cutting down a tree that is a safety risk, has already been approved as part of your planning permission or because of a legal nuisance or statutory obligation, then you will need to give us at least 5 days written notice. You can do this by emailing

You will need to include evidence of the issue in this notice and specify what you intend to do.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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