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Street naming and numbering OLD

Street naming and numbering information

South Somerset District Council is the street naming and numbering authority for the South Somerset area with the principal responsibility of ensuring that streets are named and properties are numbered or named.

Maintaining a comprehensive and high standard for naming of streets and numbering or naming properties is important as it allows :-

  • Emergency services to find a property quickly (delays can cost lives and money)
  • Mail to be delivered efficiently
  • Visitors to find where they want to go
  • Reliable delivery of services and products
  • Records of service providers to be kept in an effective manner

South Somerset District Council is responsible for the street naming and numbering of all new property developments and roads.

Where requested by an owner, the service officially registers property name changes and additions.

The service is also responsible for ensuring street name plates are erected and maintained as appropriate. To report a damaged or missing street nameplate, please contact us.

The Council has a comprehensive Street Naming and Numbering Policy.

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