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Street naming and numbering

Frequently asked questions

Find out the frequently asked questions about street naming and numbering below.

  1. How do I check if my address is correct?

    Contact the Street Naming & Numbering section at the Council by email at

  2. Who allocates postcodes?

    Royal Mail will allocate a postcode on receipt of the official naming and numbering scheme from the Council but the address, including the postcode, will be held in "reserve" (the not yet built file) until Royal Mail is notified by either the developer or owner that the property is occupied.

  3. Who do I contact if items and correspondence are being mis-delivered or not delivered?

    Complaints should be directed to Royal Mail on 0846 011 110 option 3, then option 1 or at or to the relevant delivery company's customer services department.

    Some delivery problems are as a result of not displaying the correct property number and/or name.

  4. A company says my officially registered new/amended address does not exist?

    Various companies refresh their address sets at different frequencies and from different sources, therefore address additions and changes can take some time to appear in their systems.

    Refer them to Royal Mail's website to confirm for themselves or ask them to call Royal Mail on 08456 011 110 option 3 then option 1 to confirm that your address is on their database.

  5. Why does Ordnance Survey mapping not show a new property or new road?

    Updated information can take some time to percolate through to companies products and depends on those companies update regimes.

  6. Which bodies and/or authorities are notified by the Council of new and amended address information?

    See Appendix B of the Street Naming and Numbering policy.

  7. Who do I contact if address or routing information for my property is incorrect on Satellite Navigation systems?

    Firstly, check that the address is correct (officially registered) with South Somerset District Council. If the address is correct, then contact Ordnance Survey - customer service centre on 08456 050505 or at and/or the two private mapping companies who take mapping information and add routing information:

    Tele Atlas United Kingdom, 20th Floor, Euston Tower, London, NW1 3AS. 0207 3875444

    Navteq, Unit 2 Globeside Business Park, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow SL7 1HZ. 01628 480 900

    The above information has been provided by Ordnance Survey.

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