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Waste and recycling

What and where can I recycle?

Recycle More is coming to South Somerset this June. Recycle More allows you to recycle more from the kerbside every week. Most people in Somerset are recycling, but we are making it easier for everyone to recycle even more which will reduce waste, protect your environment and help to tackle climate change. Take the first steps to being prepared by making sure you have enough containers and request more online if you don’t.

Find out what can and can't go in your black and green recycling boxes.

Some rubbish that cannot be collected can still be recycled at a recycling centre. For example, drinks cartons and large amounts of cardboard. Find your nearest recycling centre on the SWP website.

About a third of your household waste can easily be composted, rather than being sent to landfill sites. Find out information about how and what you can compost at home.

For information on what should and should not be put in your back bin, visit household waste guidance.

Find further information on food waste and compostable liners.

There are also printable leaflets with useful information on waste containers.

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