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Parish and Town Council services

South Somerset is in a beautiful area and has some great play areas and youth facilities to enjoy. All are free of charge and open seven days a week 365 days per year.

There are 70 facilities to enjoy, some very small and others large destination sites.

The four destination sites are in Yeovil:

  • Ninesprings Play Area, Yeovil Country Park, Addlewell Lane, Yeovil, BA20 1QW
  • Yew Tree Park, Lysander Road, Plantaganet Chase, Yeovil, BA20 2PY
  • Milford Play and Youth Facilities, Yeovil, BA21 4QD
  • Yeovil Recreation Centre, Chilton Grove, Yeovil, BA21 4AW

View full list of play areas here

Don’t forget there are many other fantastic play areas and youth facilities run by Town and Parish Councils and several trusts throughout South Somerset, as well as the SSDC managed sites.

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