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Street cleansing and public waste

Our Street Cleansing Service

  • We will respond to resident queries within five working days in a polite and respectful manner in accordance with the customer charter.
  • We will undertake risk assessments and ensure that we meet Health and Safety Guidance.
  • We will remove drug related litter within 24 hours of receiving a report.

Street Sweeping and Litter Collection

  • To provide a cost-effective street sweeping service designed to keep roads predominately clear of litter and detritus.
  • To respond to all complaints regarding accumulation of litter or detritus and to restore standards of cleanliness within statutorily prescribed time limits for the land class.
  • We will clear Yeovil Town Centre by 8am in line with the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse.
  • In other market towns we will clean weekly.
  • Major roads will be cleaned annually.

Litter and Dog Waste Bins

  • All bins in Yeovil will be emptied once a day.
  • All bins in market towns are emptied four times a week.
  • All other bins will be emptied at least once a week, with the immediate area left clean and tidy.

Removal of Dead Animals

  • We will respond to requests to remove dead animals from the highway verge and SSDC managed land within 48 hours of reporting. Normally, small animals are not included.

Fly tipping

  • We will remove fly tipping from public open space within five working days of receiving a request unless they contain hazardous materials in which case a special collection is arranged with Somerset Waste Partnership. Fly tips on private land are the responsibility of the landowner.
  • We will remove fly tipping when found by operational teams on a routine basis.
  • We will leave all areas in an acceptable state.

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