Future of Local Government in Somerset

Working together for the future of Somerset: A joint statement from Somerset's district councils

The Leaders of Somerset’s four District councils have announced they are moving forward with plans to fundamentally change the way local government works in Somerset

January 2020 - Delivery for Somerset - a report into the next steps for Somerset

Completed in January 2020, this paper aims to summarise and make plain the main points of the research that the five Councils of Somerset commissioned, to enable a choice to be made.

The Case for Change - Somerset Internal Consultancy Team - 2019

Building on the work carried out by Ignite, senior representatives of the five Councils in Somerset further developed the case for change in 2019.

Joint statement from the Leaders of Somerset's councils - January 2020

Over the past 18 months, Somerset’s four district councils and Somerset County Council have been exploring together the future options for local government in the county.

February 2019 - Ignite Consortia research report into Future of Local Government in Somerset

A consortium involving Ignite - together with Collaborate, Pixel Financial Management and De Montfort University – was selected to undertake research into a broad range of options for the future of local government in Somerset

Data Collection and Modelling Report - Ignite Consortia Feb 2019

The Data collection and modelling work package put together by the Ignite Consortia - finalised in February 2019

Executive summary of the Ignite Consortia report - February 2019

The Executive summary of the Ignite Consortia report which was put together for Somerset councils

The need for change in Local Government in Somerset - 2018 statement

An overview of how councils are working together for the communities of Somerset

September 2018 - Partner appointed to assess options for Local Government in Somerset

A statement released for communities in Somerset in September 2018