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End of year report

South Somerset District Council (SSDC) is an ambitious and forward-thinking council that is committed to transforming, improving and adapting to be ready for the future. We place our residents and businesses firmly at the centre of everything we do and we are incredibly proud of the work we have achieved alongside our communities in 2018/19.

A balanced budget was delivered with no cuts to services while launching exciting regeneration projects which will support three of our key towns in South Somerset – Yeovil, Chard and Wincanton.

A 10-year Economic Development Strategy has been launched to ensure we are well-placed to attract new businesses, help start-ups and encourage diversity and innovation.

We are becoming a more commercial organisation, investing in projects that will provide essential income to pay for our highly-valued services. Alongside this we are transforming customer service with new technology, providing dedicated resource to support those who are most vulnerable, continuing our great work to alleviate homelessness and working hard to protect the environment.

This is all in addition to the excellent additional value we provide for residents including free school holiday Playdays, a superb network of parks and open spaces, waste and recycling collections, leisure, arts and entertainment services including swimming facilities at Wincanton and Yeovil, The Octagon Theatre and Westlands.

This achievements report provides you with an overview of just some of the great work being undertaken by SSDC as we continue to commit to our goals f being great to work for, excellent to work with, leading the way and delivering for our communities.

View and download our end of year report. 

  1. How we have protected core, front line services

  2. How we have promoted a strong and growing economy

  3. How we have kept South Somerset clean, green and attractive

  4. How we have ensured housing meets future and existing needs

  5. How we have built healthy, self-reliant and active communities

  6. Our future plans for 2019-20

    Looking ahead to 2019-20 we are set for another year full of ambition for South Somerset – while still facing many of the challenges arising from reduced Government funding and rising demand for services. We are committed to protecting vital front line services, while increasing our digital services to provide 24/7 access to customers.

    Our Council Plan for 2016-21, agreed by Full Council in 2016, shows our ambitions to make major changes in the way that we operate and deliver services over the next few years whilst continuing to deliver services and priority projects that meet the needs of our residents, visitors and businesses.

    Our Annual Action Plan for 2019-20 includes 32 areas of focus across our five Council Plan themes: Protecting Core Services, Economy, Environment, Housing and Healthy, Self-Reliant Communities. We have also identified six priority projects for the coming year, with dedicated resources and detailed plans to support their progress and long term contribution to the well-being of South Somerset.

    This year’s Annual Action Plan also includes a series of local priorities for each of our four areas – North, South, East and West.

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