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Civil Contingencies and emergency management

Here at South Somerset District Council we work with local communities and emergency responders to react to, and recover from, emergencies as required by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

  1. Community resilience

    Prevention is better than cure. The more that communities prepare, the less is the impact of a disaster situation likely to be. The Somerset Prepared website gives information and advice on preparing for emergencies, including tips for staying safe in the event of an incident.

  2. Hazards and risks in South Somerset

    The Community Risk Register includes advice on how to prevent, react to and recover from a range of hazards and risks. Though we should be prepared for all emergencies, the 3 hazards considered the highest risk in South Somerset are:


    For flood warnings and further flood information visit the government’s Flood Information Service.

    Animal Disease

    DEFRA guidance on notifiable diseases in animals, including what happens if a disease is suspected or confirmed can be found on the Government's notifiable diseases in animals page.

    Pandemic Flu

    A pandemic outbreak would be caused by a new, not previously encountered strain of flu, for which there would be very little resistance or immunity. Public Health England will monitor an outbreak and give advice depending on the nature of the specific virus.

    Advice on how to prevent the spread of seasonal flu.

  3. Useful links

  4. Contacting us in the case of an emergency

    Phone us on 01935 462462. When the offices are closed, hold and wait to be transferred to our ‘Out Of Hours’ cover for emergencies.

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