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Community right to bid

Community interest groups have the right to identify a building or other land that they believe to be of importance to their community's social well-being, and nominate it to be listed on the Council’s Register of Assets of Community Value.

  • If the nominated asset meets the definition of an asset of community value, we must list it, notify the owner and the Land Registry. The owner will have a right to a review by the council and an appeal to an independent tribunal.
  • Nothing further will happen until the owner decides to dispose of the asset, either through freehold sale or the grant of a lease for at least 25 years. At this point, they must notify us of their intention to sell. View our process chart.
  • The owner will only be able to dispose of the asset after a specified time period, known as a ''moratorium'', has expired.

The first part of this moratorium is 6 weeks and will allow community interest groups to express a written intention to bid. If none do so in this period, the owner is free to sell their asset.

If a community group confirms an intention to bid during this period, then the full 6 month moratorium comes into operation, allowing the group time to develop its bid. After that, the owner is free to sell to whomever they choose, and no further moratorium can be triggered for a 18 month protected period.

View the current Community Right to Bid Asset Register.

For further information visit the my community website. 

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