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Cyber Security Strategy

Information and data are vital to every part of South Somerset District Council’s business. As we continue with a digital programme that is transforming the way we work and how local people access information and services, we need increasingly robust security measures to protect against cyber threats.

Across the globe, cyber attacks are growing in frequency and becoming more sophisticated. The increased use of the internet caused by Covid 19 pandemic means that cyber criminals have become more active, and our exposure has increased. When cyber attacks succeed the damage can be significant; with personal, economic and social consequences.

This Cyber Security Strategy sets out our approach for protecting our information systems and the data we hold to ensure the services we provide are secure and our residents, businesses and stakeholders can safely transact with us. This includes achieving a balance of embracing digital opportunities, including making information more widely available and accessible, whilst ensuring that right levels of protection are in place.

This strategy demonstrates our commitment and the key actions we will take to further establish a trusted digital environment for SSDC. We will strengthen and secure SSDC from cyber threats by increasing security awareness throughout our workforce, investing in our systems and infrastructure, deterring our adversaries, and developing a wide range of responses, from basic cyber hygiene to the most sophisticated defences.

Cyber-attacks will continue to evolve, which is why we will continue to work at pace to stay ahead of all threats.
This Cyber Security Strategy underpins and enables the SSDC Digital Strategy, which continues to ensure we harness the benefits of technology to improve the lives and life chances of all local people. The measures outlined in this strategy will safeguard trust and confidence in the way we operate and deliver our services, supporting SSDC to remain at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Below we break the Cyber Security Strategy down for you to read. You can also download the full strategy online.

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