Local Plan Review 2016-2036

The Council is undertaking a review of its Local Plan (2006-2028) that was adopted for the area in March 2015.

A Local Plan supports the Council’s long-term vision for managing and accommodating residential and economic growth across South Somerset. It addresses needs and opportunities in relation to where homes could be built, how the economy can grow, where community facilities could be created and vital infrastructure. It also includes the steps which will safeguard the environment, help the district adapt to climate change and ensure there is good design. This is in the context of national policy as well as other strategies and plans at District, County and sub-regional level.

The Council committed itself to a review of the Local Plan following concerns raised by the Inspector at the examination phase, regarding the housing and employment land allocations at Wincanton. The review has been used as an opportunity to ensure that the whole Local Plan remains effective and up to date, and will result in a new Local Plan covering the period 2016 – 2036.

The Local Plan Review is currently at the Preferred Options consultation stage.

This means that based on the evidence we have to date, the Council has initially mapped how it thinks the future of the district could look, but you can submit your views on this as part of the consultation.

  1. Preferred Options Consultation 28 June 2019 - 5pm 18 September 2019

    The Council has prepared a Preferred Options document which can be viewed electronically by clicking here . Hard copies of the document are also available during normal office hours in the District Council offices in Yeovil or libraries across the district.

    The document sets out for consultation the Council’s proposed strategy for delivering new homes and employment over the period 2016 to 2036, including site allocations and policies against which planning applications will be assessed.

    The document reflects the latest Government Guidance in the updated National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the evidence base produced to support the Plan process. The Local Plan Review will provide us with a refreshed policy framework that will guide and shape development in the District up to 2036.

    The consultation is designed to involve as many individuals and businesses of South Somerset as possible so that your views can be collected and taken into account to help shape and evolve the next stage of the Local Plan. Whilst the consultation document is based upon evidence, testing it against local knowledge and “live” economic factors will make it stronger and more relevant as a result of resident and business input.

    Therefore you may want to make comments that are specific to your area, such as:

    • Why you do not want growth/development where you live.
    • Reasons why you are supportive of the proposals/growth.
    • Comments if the evidence used is wrong or misunderstood. 

    If possible your comments should contain evidence, reasons and/or local knowledge to be as helpful as possible.

    The consultation period on this phase runs from 12 noon 28 June 2019 to 5pm 18 September 2019. In this period, you can have your say online using our interactive consultation website where you can sign up for an account to leave your comments directly on the document. Using the consultation website allows you to make comments at the end of each paragraph, by simply submitting your comment into the comments tab.

    There will be a series of public drop-in sessions where the consultation document can be viewed and where Council officers will be on hand to help explain how we have got to this stage and answer any queries. These drop-in sessions are as follows:







    Christian Fellowship Hall

     4pm – 7:00pm



    Great Bow Wharf

     4pm – 7:00pm


    Castle Cary

    Market House

     4pm – 7:00pm



    Henhayes Community Centre

     4pm – 7:00pm




     4pm – 7:00pm



    The Shrubbery

     4pm – 7:00pm



    Council Offices, Brympton Way

     4pm – 7:00pm


    Milborne Port

    Village Hall

     4pm – 7:00pm




     4pm – 7:00pm



    Town Hall & Community Centre

     4pm – 7:00pm



    Community Hall

     4pm – 7:00pm


    South Petherton

    David Hall

     4pm – 7:00pm



    West Street Church hall

     4pm – 7:00pm



    Memorial Hall

     3pm – 6:30pm

    Comments can be submitted until 5pm 18 September 2019. After this the relevant and main issues raised will be extracted and collated to be presented to committee when we are ready to progress to the next stage of the plan process. Further consultation will take place in 2020/21.

    More information on the Local Plan Review and the Preferred Options phase can be found by clicking here,  questions & answers can be found here

    Evidence Documents:


  2. Public Consultation on Issues & Options 2017

    Issues and Options.

    The Issues and Options document sets out the issues identified by the Council evidence base below and makes suggestions to address them. Please note Issues and Errata (corrections)

    A consultation took place between October 2017 and January 2018. View a summary of the main points.

    You can see all of the comments made on the consultation here.

  3. Housing

  4. Economic Prosperity

  5. Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment

  6. Authority Monitoring Report

    Authority Monitoring Report (2018)

    Older documents are available on request, email planningpolicy@southsomerset.gov.uk 

  7. Settlement Profiles 2017

  8. Historic Environment Strategy

  9. Sustainability Appraisal 2017

  10. Statement of Community Involvement

    Statement of Community Involvement (adopted September 2018)

  11. Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2015/16

  12. Local Development Scheme

    The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is the 3 year project plan for implementing the Local Development Framework. It explains how the new development planning system will operate and how the documents and strategies at different levels will fit together.

    Viewed our latest Local Development Scheme.

  13. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

    Joint Level 1 SFRA - Final

    South Somerset Key Map

    Former Taunton Dean Key Map

    Former West Somerset Key Map

    Flood Risk Map Chard

    Flood Risk Map Ilminster

    Flood Risk Map Wincanton

    Flood Risk Map Yeovil

    Flood Risk Map Crewkerne

    Flood Risk Map Langport

    Flood Risk Map Ilchester

    Flood Risk Map Bruton

    Flood Map Taunton Subarea

    Flood Map Taunton Town

    Flood Map Wellington

    Flood Map West Somerset Subarea

    Flood Map Williton & Watchet

    Flood Map Minehead 

    Flood Risk Map Southwest Strategic

    Flood Risk Map East Strategic

    Flood Risk Map Northwest Strategic

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