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Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) are intended to build upon and provide more detailed advice or guidance on policies in the adopted Local Plan. As they do not form part of the development plan, they do not introduce new planning policies into the development plan. They are however a material consideration in decision-making.

Adopted SPDs

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  1. Yeovil Public Realm Design Guide

    The Yeovil Public Realm Design Guide SPD is aimed at all those involved in the investment in, design or maintenance of the public realm, whether they are overseeing public investment in the public realm or private sector development in the town centre. This will include both South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council as well as private sector organisations, developers and consultants.

    Part 3 of the Design Guide is devoted to shop fronts and provides advice on the design of shopfronts that will positively contribute to Yeovil’s character.

    Yeovil Public Realm Design Guide SPD

    Yeovil Public Realm Design Guide SPD (Shop Fronts)

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